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Sensuali Interviews Mistress Sevvven

Sensuali got in touch with professional dominatrix, FemDom and owner of Studio Sevvven, Mistress Sevvven, to talk all things BDSM.

You can read the interview below or watch here

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Tell us a little about you.

I’m Sevvven, most people know me as Mistress Sevvven. I am a professional dominatrix, FemDom, content creator, and owner of Studio Sevvven as of a few months ago

How would you define your style as a Dom?

FemDom is my thing. I think that there’s a lot of different styles of domme. Every domme has their own style and their own unique way of doing things. Historically a traditional professional dominatrix is a refined high protocol sort of domme, implementing lots of discipline, corporal punishment and things like that.

If that’s the traditional, then I consider myself to be non-traditional. I often describe myself as rough and ready, playful but brutal. I’m very tactile and I like to get messy and vulgar. I Indulge in carnal desires rather than structured organised power dynamics. Having said that, my style is always evolving.

Why do you enjoy being dominant?

The first thing that comes to my mind is that it allows me to access a part of my personality or part of myself that I don’t really get to access in the everyday, vanilla world. I get to indulge in being powerful and unapologetic.

I also enjoy seeing what the other person gets out of it. Being a domme might on the surface appear to be a kind of one way, all-take dynamic. But in reality, it’s very much a mutual exchange and I get a lot of fulfilment. from what my submissive is experiencing. Whether that’s pleasure or self-discovery or challenging themselves or even just escapism.

What 3 words would you use to describe a FemDom session with Sevvven?

Obscene/depraved. Thrilling. Finally, filthy.

What is the most popular service that you provide?

My specialty is degradation femdom. I get a lot of human toilet requests- that’s my bread and butter. You can pretty much guarantee that if you come for a session with me you will probably get pissed on. If you want a FemDom Watersports experience, I’m your man. Anything like that is big with me. Then people always love feet- you could probably ask any domme, feet are always popular.

How would you describe a typical client of yours?

It varies a lot. Getting into this world most people have this idea that their typical client will be this rich old white businessman who spends his life being dominant so needs to be submissive in the bedroom as a release. Those people definitely exist, but I get such a variety of clients- people from all different backgrounds, all different ages, and different income levels.

Some people have money to pay for sessions all the time but I also have clients that save up for four or five months to come and do a session with me. The only area that it’s not diverse in is gender. 99% of my clients are cis men.

Are your FemDom sessions with regulars different to one-off sessions?

Yes, the best way to get the most out of a relationship with a professional is to see them at least more than once. Because with any kind of a relationship, the first time meeting someone is a bit of a test- you’re trying to get a feel for each other and trying to figure out what your chemistry looks like.

I also say to clients that the more I understand them, the better I can get in their head and dominate them. So, seeing somebody multiple times allows me to be a better dorm and it allows them to be a better submissive because they understand me and my needs

Why do people tend to seek out your FemDom sessions?

I think some people don’t necessarily want a traditional domme, and they want something a bit more like my carnal approach. I think some people are attracted to how my personality comes across online. I’m quite open and pretty friendly so perhaps newbies or people who are slightly nervous find me approachable.

How did you get into BDSM?

I was actually introduced to BDSM at a really young age by my first ever partner. I was in the position of the submissive and I had a lot of really negative experiences in that role. For a really long time I thought that BDSM and abuse were the same thing. But then in the process of learning what healthy BDSM looks like, I found that I enjoyed being the dominant.

And this really helped me to heal from the complicated relationship that I had developed with sex. I went from having really negative connotations with BDSM making it my full-time job and the thing that I do every single day. I think my journey has helped me to be a better dominant because I’ve experienced what it’s like to be an unhappy submissive.

Are your FemDom sessions beneficial to you too?

Definitely, because of my journey, the sessions have made me so much more comfortable with my sexuality. They help me feel controlled and safe. BDSM is not purely sexual, it’s about pushing yourself and learning how to trust others by throwing yourself into an intimate dynamic.

Would you say that music is important to you when it comes to BDSM?

For sure. Anyone who knows me knows that the music I listen to is very screamy, loud, horrible music and that doesn’t always translate in a session with a client who might just be terrified or totally put off.. So I’m always trying to find music that suits the sessions and it’s hard because a certain song can completely change your whole mood. You’ve got to choose carefully.

There was one time I was doing a really extended, long, pain session with a regular. We’ve been building up all of this pain work for ages and I like to play really dark classical music so that it feels sinister and mean. Then at one point during the session, the theme song from the Godfather started playing. I just went with it. Actually, it somehow worked…

Are aesthetics important also?

Definitely. The space I’m in is really important. I have a new studio, it’s called Studio 7*, and it’s in Hackney Central. I opened it in July- I worked really hard on it, and I might be biased, but I think it’s the best thing ever. I love it.


What’s been the most surprising or interesting thing that you’ve learned since starting out with BDSM?

I’m someone that’s kind of always thought of myself as being pretty self-assured and confident. I’m quite opinionated, but in learning to be the dominant in BDSM, I realised how conditioned we are we women from the beginning of our lives to make ourselves smaller and be less assertive, less bossy, less loud, less aggressive, less sexual – everything less, particularly in relation to men.

I thought that I’d kind of unlearnt that behaviour, but I was surprised to see how much of that was still kind of there and how I would second guess myself, even in scenarios where someone is literally paying me to be assertive and I’ll think to myself- am I being too much? It takes a lot of ongoing work to push against that.

How do you feel about the BDSM scene in the UK?

I honestly think FemDom is the best thing in the whole entire world. I could just talk about it all day. So I love that more people are discovering it and having their minds blown. Especially when the general public vision of BDSM is kind of a Fifty Shades of Grey-esque dominant man-submissive woman dynamic, which obviously is a thing, but that story’s been told over and over by this point.

Where do you see yourself in five years with BDSM?

It’s so hard to say. If you asked me this five years ago, I probably wouldn’t have thought that I would be doing an interview like this right now. I like to think that I’ll have more skills and have perfected my craft even more. I want to do a lot more work in terms of social justice for sex workers and being more geared towards the sex-worker community. The majority of my closest friends are sex workers or pro-dommes or people in the kink scene.

What do you think about Sensuali?

I like that it brings everyone together rather than having this divide of the serious, dark BDSM world and then the happy, light-hearted sex-positive world. Here, everybody can be part of the same thing. I like the idea of being advertised next to somebody who does sensual therapeutic work or tantric massage.

It means that people don’t have to pick a side for branding themselves. Because there are loads of dommes who are much more into a softer, sensual BDSM so they feel as though they don’t fit on the ‘darker’ BDSM sites. It’s nice to have a space where you can say, yeah, I’m a bit of everything actually!

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