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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the questions below, or search for something specific. If you can't find the answer you need, please get in touch. 

  • Who can book Studio Sevvven?
    Anyone over the age of 18 can hire Studio Sevvven. It's an inclusive space, and I hope that is feels accessible to everyone. The only thing I ask of guests is that you're respectful, follow the rules and treat the space with care.
  • What will happen once I've made my booking?
    You will receive an email confirmation of your booking, with all the details you need for your visit, such as address, access code and instructions for using the Studio.
  • What are the Studio Sevvven rules?
    1. Respect Please treat the Studio with respect - follow the rules, be careful with equipment & clean up after yourself. 2. Hygiene Use condoms on ALL insertables & vibrators, no matter how you're playing with them! Use the wet mat & puppy pads for messy play. 3. Noise Some noise is expected, but please be mindful of our neighbours. Don't play music really loud or shout in shared areas. 4. Smoking Unless previously agreed with Mistress Sevvven, you cannot smoke inside the Studio. If you go outside to smoke, please do so fully clothed. Vaping inside is fine. 5. Breakages Accidents happen! If something breaks, please let Me know as soon as possible. 6. Departure Please respect other people's time & do not stay any later than your booked time slot. There may be someone using the Studio right after you. 7. Safety Take care of yourself & others with you. Don't engage in dangerous activities, & if you're unsure about something, ask for help.
  • How long before and after my booking do I have access to the Studio?
    Sex Worker's who are using the Studio for client sessions, can gain access 20 mins prior to, and 20 minutes after their booked time slot. All other guests are asked to arrive and leave no more than 5 minutes before and after their booked time slot. If you require additional time, please get in contact and I can make arrangements. If you accidentally run over time, please contact Me as soon as possible so I can try to adjust the schedule. In some cases, there will be a fee for late departure. If you are late to arrive for your booking, you still have to leave at the end of your booked time slot, unless otherwise agreed.
  • What do I need to bring to my booking?
    You don't need to bring anything with you other than the clothes you'd like to wear! The Studio should be stocked with everything you need, but if you notice there's something missing, please get in touch.
  • What do I do when I arrive?
    When your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with full details about how to access the Studio. You will be given a code that is valid only for the time of your booking (see previous question for more about arrival and departure times). This code can be used to open a lock box containing the key to the Studio. If it's your first time visiting Studio Sevvven, someone will meet you there to show you how to get in, and where everything is. Once inside, you're free to use the space as you want, until the end of your booking.
  • I need to cancel or reschedule my booking, what do I do?
    RESCHEDULING: If you need to reschedule your booking, you can do so for free up to 48 hours before your booking starts. If you want to reschedule but don't have a new date confirmed, you can hold your booking as 'credit' until you're ready to rebook. CANCELLATIONS: You can cancel your booking up to 48 hours before your booking starts. For bookings that are 3 hours+ there is a £20 cancellation fee. For bookings that are 5 hours+ there is a £40 cancellation fee. Cancellations within the 48 hour window are non-refundable. To ask about changing your booking, please email Me at:
  • Can I bring extra people to my booking?
    A standard booking covers 3 people in total, including yourself. If you wish to add extra guests to your booking, it is an additional £15 per person. You can let Me know how many extra people will be attending at the checkout, and pay once your booking has been confirmed. Pricing for group bookings is separate.
  • How should I leave the Studio?
    Please be respectful and leave the Studio as you found it. You should: - Clean all the equipment you've used - Put back any furniture that has been moved - Make sure all rubbish is in the bins - Wash any cups/mugs that have been used - Turn off lights, music and fan/heater - Ensure the Studio is locked When you leave the building, the key should be put back inside the lock box and secured for the next guest. If there are any problems, don't hesitate to contact Me. Emergency contact details are provided in your booking confirmation email and in the 'Welcome' book inside the Studio. Please note that guests who leave the Studio in a particularly bad state, will be charged an additional cleaning fee.
  • I don't know how to use the equipment, what should I do?
    On your first visit, you will be met by someone to show you around. You can ask them for instructions about any of the toys or equipment in the Studio. There is also details about all the equipment in the 'Welcome' book, found inside the Studio. If there are specific skills you would like to learn, or equipment you would like to practice with, You can request to book a demo session with Me, Mistress Sevvven. To find out more drop me an email at
  • What do I do with used toys?
    Hygiene is exceptionally important in a space like Studio Sevvven. Guests are expected to clean all the toys and equipment they use during their visit - that includes furniture, restraints, hoods etc., not just insertables! In the studio there are anti-bacterial wipes, spray and paper towels. You can use these to wipe down everything you've used. Anything that has come into contact with body fluids needs to be cleaned especially well. If you're not sure how to clean something properly, leave it in the dirty laundry bin to be cleaned by Me. But please wipe it down first! Remember: you have to use a condom on ALL insertables and vibrators, no matter how you intend to play with them. The Studio is also cleaned in between every booking, and toys are regularly sterilised.
  • What if something breaks?
    Accidents happen, sometimes things break. If that happens during your visit, please get in touch to let us know as soon as possible. In most cases, you will not be charged for accidental breakages. In the case that there is serious damage, or misuse of the Studio, you may be asked to cover repair costs.
  • Can I bring my own toys or equipment?
    Yes, absolutely. Please make sure you remember to take all your belongings when you leave, and feel free to let Me know if there's things you think are missing from the equipment list!
  • Where is Studio Sevvven and how do I get there?
    Studio Sevvven in in Hackney Central, London, E9. The full address for the Studio is given on confirmation of your booking. The nearest public transport links are: - Hackney Central (6 mins walk) - Hackney Downs (11 mins walk) - London Fields (11 mins walk) - Homerton (13 mins walk) - Bus routes: 30, 38, 55, 106 236, 242, 254, 276, 277, 394, 425
  • Is there parking at Studio Sevvven?
    There is paid parking available on the street outside the Studio, but spaces can be limited, so you're advised to check alternatives before arriving. Nearest car parks: - Tesco Morning Lane (2 mins walk) - Amhurst Road Car Park (6 mins walk)
  • Is the Studio wheelchair accessible?
    Yes. The studio is on street level, and there are no steps inside the space or in the entrance area. The external and internal doors are both double, so wide enough for wheelchairs to enter. The only area of the Studio that may not be suitable for wheelchair users is the toilet and shower, which is small and does not have support bars fitted. If you require any kind of assistance during your visit, or have special requirements to make the Studio more suitable for your use, please don't hesitate to get in touch, and I will try my absolute best to help.
  • Is the Studio discreet?
    Studio Sevvven in located in a quiet, mixed residential and industrial street, with low foot traffic. The entrance itself, is simple and indistinct from the outside. There is a 'self check-in' entry system, and a remote intercom system to grant guests access from inside the Studio. There are two small businesses with units within the same building. The only shared space is the short entrance hallway between the external and internal Studio door. Once inside the studio, you have total privacy. If you're worried about discretion, you can hire the studio outside of Mon-Fri working hours, when the rest of the building will be empty.
  • Why do Sex Woker's get a discounted rate?
    Sex Workers are a marginalised and stigmatised group within wider society. We unfairly face discrimination and restrictions that make conducting our work, running our businesses and managing our safety more difficult than others. The discounted rate I offer to Sex Workers is both an act of support for My community, and an attempt to make safe working conditions more accessible. I believe that all Sex Workers have a right to build a successful career, and by offering subsidised rates, I hope that I can support My peers, even if just in a small way, to achieve or maintain a secure income.
  • Who is considered a Sex Worker?
    The Sex Worker discount operates on a trust-based system - I do not ask for verification or proof of occupation. Whether you identify as a Sex Worker or not is up to you, but broadly speaking, the category includes jobs such as: - Dominatrix - Escort (full service or otherwise) - Stripper/Dancer - Adult content creator - Cam performer While I don't believe in determining people's status Myself, I ask that everyone is honest in their self-identifying. Sex Work is defined as 'the exchange of sexual services for money', so this does not include: - Photographers/Filmmakers - Models (other than for adult content) - Paying clients or private players I hope that most people will not abuse My trust, and will use the discount fairly. If you have any questions about your eligibility, drop Me an email at
  • How can I support Sex Wokers?
    - By buying their products & services - By speaking out against whorephobia & discrimination - Donating to s*x worker organisations such as DecrimNow NationalUglyMugs & SWARMcollective You can also cover the cost of Studio hire for a sex worker in need. For more information, get in touch
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